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I'm not perfect, but then again who is we are but mere humans. I'm 17 highly imperfect, a senior in high and i will be attending UC Merced this coming fall.
Made it Official, It’s time to go off to College

 It’s official I finally accepted my admission! I honestly can’t wait i’m super excited. I was so scared to make it official because going to a school that’s 405.0 Miles from home wasn’t an easy decision.

Thinking social anxiety is cute is like saying:



Excessive sweating is cute.
Dry mouth is cute.
Physically shaking is cute.
Blacking out is cute.
Nausea is cute.
Heart palpitations are cute.
Chest pain is cute.
Shallow breathing is cute.
Hot flushes are cute.
Forgetting how to talk is cute.
Humiliating yourself is cute.

It’s not adorable little shy giggly girls with pretty skirts & flowers in their hair.

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I grow super attached to people so please give me a 60 day warning before I stop existing to you.


True Words on We Heart It.
Reblog if you are insecure about anything below:




-intelligence (or lack of)
-skills (or lack of)
-weird hobbies
-friends (or lack of)

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All of them…minus the last two… Oh.